This week learning about different attributes of photography it has helped me see the creativity of these aspects and how it helps a photo just pop off the page. These elements help capture the beauty we expect to see when it comes to the world.

Rule of Thirds

Used from pixalbay


This is a rule of thirds picture because we can see the bird is not placed right in the middle of the picture. It is in one of the other thirds of the photo. It draws our attention to a different aspect of the picture.

Leading Lines

Jim Zuckerman






This leading lines leads our eyes right to the focal point of the photo. At first we look at this photo and think the road is the what the photo is being taken of. As we follow the road farther into the photo we see the mesa’s of the great dessert. This is a great attention grabber.

Depth of Field

Bruce Wunderlich

This depth of field is such a great eye catcher. As we look at this photo of a sidewalk with a fence and trees on the side it does a great job at changing the depth as the photo gets farther down the sidewalk and deeper into the trees. This is an eye grabber for sure but also makes for some amazing beauty.


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